Which league is better PSL vs IPL?

Is PSL better than IPL?

Pakistan Super League and Indian Premier League comparison started when 1st edition of PSL founded in 2015. While IPL began in 2008 and released more than 10 editions compared to PSL, now we will depict some facts why PSL better than IPL cricket league.

IPL is considered as most favorite league globally because it contains many superstar cricketers and speakers. But now we are spreading light on the PSL T20 cricket league to show dominancy on IPL.

Which is better IPL or PSL?

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is better than IPL in more points of view. IPL is rich league as compared to PSL, but for cricket fans, quality matters more than money. PSL a small league but acts as a big competent against IPL. Essential points are listed below to differentiate both the league’s importance.


India is considered a hub of cricket because of its population’s love of cricket. Millions of peoples watch IPL all over the world. IPL is richer and carries the most expensive players in the teams. IPL has eight teams, while PSL consists of six teams. PSL is a smaller league than IPL, and the budget is too low because of less sponsorship. The craze of PSL is approximately equal to the IPL.

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PSL league aims to bring back international cricket to Pakistan

International cricket was banned in Pakistan in 2009 when terrorists attacked the Sri Lanka team in Lahore. Cricket considered a most favorite sport in Asian countries, but after that incident, no more crickets in Pakistan stadiums. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decided to launch Pakistan Super League (PSL) to bring back cricket in Pakistan stadiums. The first season of PSL was played in Dubai while after a lot of effort final of 2nd season was played in Lahore. So many security measures were adopted to return cricket and PCB successes in their goals. Few matches of PSL season 3rd and 4th performed in different cities of Pakistan. PSL is just a league for the world, but for Pakistanis cricket fans, it’s a return back of cricket.

Positive breaking news for Pakistan cricket fans, that PSL 5th edition all matches scheduled in different cities of Pakistan. I hope that Pakistani peoples welcome cricket warmly like previous years and also show their love for PSL. Negative news for Lahore Qalandars fans, that AB de Villiers will not take part in PSL 2020. According to ESPN Cricinfo Villiers will not perform in PSL 5th edition to manage workload.

Tournament Duration

PSL is much better than IPL because it’s a short term league consisting of six teams and a small no of matches. On the other hand, IPL is annoying due to its long periods and a lot of matches. Now a day’s cricket fans enjoyed a short interval of the league to get a fast result, and PSL follows this requirement.

Best players of cricket paid less in PSL than IPL

Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) spend more money to cricketers as compared to PSL, but money, not matters, then quality. In previous editions of IPL franchise, RCB picks Tymal Mills in 12 crores, and he played in PSL for 30 Lakhs. Media also reported that Chris Lynn also paid lesser in PSL vs IPL. According to salary point of view PSL better than IPL.

Can Indian players play in PSL?

Indian players will not play in PSL because of conflict in both countries, Pakistan & India. BCCI did not allow the Indian players to take part in PSL.

Will Pakistani players play in IPL?

No, Eleven Pakistani players had played the 1st season of IPL, but from 2009 BCCI didn’t allow Pakistani players to participate in IPL.

Is PSL banned in India?

Yes, Indian TV channels had not broadcasted PSL the previous season because of India’s Pulwama attack. Indian media put an allegation to Pakistan that the Pakistani army is behind the Pulwama attack.

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Is IPL banned in Pakistan?

Yes, the previous season of IPL had not been broadcasted in Pakistan by Geo Super. PCB decided not to telecast IPL in Pakistan because did BCCI not allow PSL broadcasting in India.

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