IPL 2020: New Logo Featuring Dream11 Revealed by IPL

The Indian Premier League announced to media their sponsor for the season of IPL in 2020, this news just came out on 20th of august on Thursday, and their featuring titles for IPL season 2020 sponsors Dream11. As all lovers of IPL saw the logo on the story on Instagram with the hashtag of “#DREAM11IPL”. One of the greater team of IPL named Mumbai Indians also shared this logo on Instagram, so that their fans can see it.

It just came out by special sources that DREAM11 wanted to deal for three-year with the Indian Premier League For sponsorship but It has been known that board was not interested in this three-year deal they just deal for one-year and this is confirmed. Further news about this came about by the BCCI, and they said that DREAM11 offered them to deal with them for three years, as they offered great amount but board showed no interest, they told to media that DREAM11 offered Rs 222 crore for this year, Rs 240 crore for next year and also Rs 240 crore for the third year.

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Moreover, BCCI told that after this panic period of coronavirus they may get more amount or a good deal for IPL sponsorship so all officials told that it would not be beneficial to deal for three years bin such situation so we will deal for one year only we would get a better deal next year otherwise BCCI will think again for this DRAM11 deal of RS 240 crore.

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There was a long discussion period spent on this topic so that’s why the official announcement got late but now its clear that sponsorship of DREAM11 is only for one year for IPL 2020. And further, there is much chance that very soon confirmed and the final statement will be announced to all by BCCI through all media networks.

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