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Why PSL is better than BPL?

Pakistan Super League (PSL) & Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) have risen as two popular brands from last some years. Pakistan & Bangladesh cricket fans are eagerly excited about these leagues and also cricket community, all over the world, has shown excitement in tournaments of these two brands. Some questions arise in cricket experts mind that is PSL better than BPL so, to focus light on this topic, few points discussed below.

PSL vs BPL Comparison

This news is under discussion that BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) and PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) are in talks to hold two matches, one match in Lahore and the other match in Dhaka, between the winning teams of PSL and BPL.

PSL vs BPL Revenue

Bangladesh Premier League is an international twenty20 league embraces seven teams and BPL 1st edition launched in 2012. While Pakistan Premier League is also a professional league consisting of six teams and PSL was founded in 2015. Pakistan carries a large population as compared to Bangladesh, so that’s why PSL get a boost from cricket fans.

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On the other hand, Bangladesh currency rate is more significant as compared to Pakistan, so this factor significantly affects the revenue of BPL.

Is PSL better than BPL?

Pakistan Super League is much higher then BPL because PSL is not a just a League for Pakistanis while it’s a way to welcome back international cricket to Pakistan. Indian peoples also show more love to PSL as compared to BPL. Pakistani peoples have an open heart for cricket; they love more cricket as compared to Bengalis.

Which is the richest cricket league in the world?

PSL is the 2nd richest league globally while IPL considered on 1st and BPL on 3rd responded by cricket experts. Pakistan Super League is the wealthiest league because PSL franchises sold on big money. 

PSL vs BPL Prize Money 

According to media reports, PSL prize money for winners is approximately 700k$ while BPL prize money for champions also same. A lot of other awards also given to winning teams as well as runner up. 

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