Home News Pakistan to host two Test match against Sri Lanka

Pakistan to host two Test match against Sri Lanka

Pakistan Host 2 matches against Sri Lanka
Pakistan Host 2 matches against Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Cricket Board announced playing a test match between Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka in Pakistan after 10 Years. It is glad news for Pakistan fans that they can watch cricket matches in Pakistan also. Rawalpindi and Karachi decided as a venue for the test matches. Two test matches will play between Pak vs. SL. The first Test match starts on 11 December and ends on 15 December at 10:00 am PKT.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) ensures security for the Sri Lankan team, so the SL team is fully confident and ready to come to Pakistan and play test series with Pakistan.

Terrorist Attack on Sri Lanka Team:

The last test match hosted in Pakistan was against Sri Lanka in 2009. In this series, the Sri Lankan team was attacked by someone, due to which International cricket suspended the cricket series in Pakistan. Due to this incident, many Country refuses to come to Pakistan to play cricket, but PCB is working hard to come back cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan cricket fans are ready to enjoy this test series and hope all countries will one day come to Pakistan to play cricket matches.

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Who will win Pak vs SL Test Match Series?

 There are two edge points for the Pakistani team: one is their home ground pitches and the other is a Pakistan youngster taking part in this series. I hope Pakistan will win this match because if we look at history, Sri Lankan defeats 3 T20 matches to Pakistan. So please don’t take it easy Sri Lankan team in Pakistan have to work hard.

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