Virat Kohli Leads to Captain

Virat Kohli Leads to Captain

Virat Kohli, an Indian star cricketer, was born on 5 November 1988. He is the current captain of the Indian National Cricket team. He is considered to be one of the best current batsmen in the world. As far as domestic cricket is concerned, he plays for the Indian city of Delhi. In the Indian Premier League, he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2013 as the caption of the franchise. He belongs to a Hindu Punjabi family.


According to his family, Kohli was passionate about cricket since his childhood. In October 2002, he first played for Delhi under 15 for Polly Umrigar Trophy. He scored 172 runs and became the highest scorer in this tournament. West Delhi Cricket Academy was formed in 1998. At that time, Kohli was nine years old only, and he was a member of its first take. The father of Kohli took him to the cricket academy for professional training as he was so eager for cricket from a very young age. His father wanted him to join a professional club as everyone around his family has noticed his efficiency towards cricket.

Later, he became the tournament Polly Umrigar Trophy captain in 2003-2004, and in five innings, he scored 390 runs. In 2003-2004 he was selected for under 17 teams to play for the Vijay Merchant Trophy in Delhi. 2004-2005 Vijay Merchant Trophy was won by Delhi under 17, and in that tournament, the highest scorer was Virat, and he scored 757 runs, and at this such a young age, it was a milestone. He made it to under 19 in July 2006 and was selected as under 19. The coach of this under 19 team Lalchand Rajput was impressed by the skills of Virat, and he praised him. So, he gained success at a very early age, and there is numerous victorious history of Virat Kohli no doubt he is the pride of the Indian Cricket team.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 

 For the first time in 2017, Kohli got a chance to become the caption of the team in the ICC champions trophy. The semi-finals were against Bangladesh, where Kohli proved to be the world’s fastest batsman in terms of innings. He scored 96 runs to reach 8000 runs in 175 innings in the ODI. In his captaincy, India reached the finale, but Pakistan won the tournament.

Indian Team Captain

In 2019 he was the captain of the team In the Cricket World Cup. In this tournament, Kohli proved to be the world’s fastest batsman in the matches against Pakistan and the West indies.

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Virat Kohli has no doubt excellent technical skills, and he is one of the best players in the cricket world. According to Zerocric his contributions to cricket are highly remarkable.

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