Which league is better PSL vs IPL?

Is PSL better than IPL?

Pakistan Super League and Indian Premier League comparison started when 1st edition of PSL founded in 2015. While IPL began in 2008 and released more than 10 editions compared to PSL, now we will depict some facts why PSL better than IPL cricket league.

IPL is considered as most favorite league globally because it contains many superstar cricketers and speakers. But now we are spreading light on the PSL T20 cricket league to show dominancy on IPL.

Which is better IPL or PSL?

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is better than IPL in more points of view. IPL is rich league as compared to PSL, but for cricket fans, quality matters more than money. PSL a small league but acts as a big competent against IPL. Essential points are listed below to differentiate both the league’s importance.


India is considered a hub of cricket because of its population’s love of cricket. Millions of peoples watch IPL all over the world. IPL is richer and carries the most expensive players in the teams. IPL has eight teams, while PSL consists of six teams. PSL is a smaller league than IPL, and the budget is too low because of less sponsorship. The craze of PSL is approximately equal to the IPL.

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PSL league aims to bring back international cricket to Pakistan

International cricket was banned in Pakistan in 2009 when terrorists attacked the Sri Lanka team in Lahore. Cricket considered a most favorite sport in Asian countries, but after that incident, no more crickets in Pakistan stadiums. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decided to launch Pakistan Super League (PSL) to bring back cricket in Pakistan stadiums. The first season of PSL was played in Dubai while after a lot of effort final of 2nd season was played in Lahore. So many security measures were adopted to return cricket and PCB successes in their goals. Few matches of PSL season 3rd and 4th performed in different cities of Pakistan. PSL is just a league for the world, but for Pakistanis cricket fans, it’s a return back of cricket.

Positive breaking news for Pakistan cricket fans, that PSL 5th edition all matches scheduled in different cities of Pakistan. I hope that Pakistani peoples welcome cricket warmly like previous years and also show their love for PSL. Negative news for Lahore Qalandars fans, that AB de Villiers will not take part in PSL 2020. According to ESPN Cricinfo Villiers will not perform in PSL 5th edition to manage workload.

Tournament Duration

PSL is much better than IPL because it’s a short term league consisting of six teams and a small no of matches. On the other hand, IPL is annoying due to its long periods and a lot of matches. Now a day’s cricket fans enjoyed a short interval of the league to get a fast result, and PSL follows this requirement.

Best players of cricket paid less in PSL than IPL

Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) spend more money to cricketers as compared to PSL, but money, not matters, then quality. In previous editions of IPL franchise, RCB picks Tymal Mills in 12 crores, and he played in PSL for 30 Lakhs. Media also reported that Chris Lynn also paid lesser in PSL vs IPL. According to salary point of view PSL better than IPL.

Can Indian players play in PSL?

Indian players will not play in PSL because of conflict in both countries, Pakistan & India. BCCI did not allow the Indian players to take part in PSL.

Will Pakistani players play in IPL?

No, Eleven Pakistani players had played the 1st season of IPL, but from 2009 BCCI didn’t allow Pakistani players to participate in IPL.

Is PSL banned in India?

Yes, Indian TV channels had not broadcasted PSL the previous season because of India’s Pulwama attack. Indian media put an allegation to Pakistan that the Pakistani army is behind the Pulwama attack.

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Is IPL banned in Pakistan?

Yes, the previous season of IPL had not been broadcasted in Pakistan by Geo Super. PCB decided not to telecast IPL in Pakistan because did BCCI not allow PSL broadcasting in India.

PSL 2021

Why PSL is better than BPL?

Pakistan Super League (PSL) & Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) have risen as two popular brands from last some years. Pakistan & Bangladesh cricket fans are eagerly excited about these leagues and also cricket community, all over the world, has shown excitement in tournaments of these two brands. Some questions arise in cricket experts mind that is PSL better than BPL so, to focus light on this topic, few points discussed below.

PSL vs BPL Comparison

This news is under discussion that BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) and PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) are in talks to hold two matches, one match in Lahore and the other match in Dhaka, between the winning teams of PSL and BPL.

PSL vs BPL Revenue

Bangladesh Premier League is an international twenty20 league embraces seven teams and BPL 1st edition launched in 2012. While Pakistan Premier League is also a professional league consisting of six teams and PSL was founded in 2015. Pakistan carries a large population as compared to Bangladesh, so that’s why PSL get a boost from cricket fans.

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On the other hand, Bangladesh currency rate is more significant as compared to Pakistan, so this factor significantly affects the revenue of BPL.

Is PSL better than BPL?

Pakistan Super League is much higher then BPL because PSL is not a just a League for Pakistanis while it’s a way to welcome back international cricket to Pakistan. Indian peoples also show more love to PSL as compared to BPL. Pakistani peoples have an open heart for cricket; they love more cricket as compared to Bengalis.

Which is the richest cricket league in the world?

PSL is the 2nd richest league globally while IPL considered on 1st and BPL on 3rd responded by cricket experts. Pakistan Super League is the wealthiest league because PSL franchises sold on big money. 

PSL vs BPL Prize Money 

According to media reports, PSL prize money for winners is approximately 700k$ while BPL prize money for champions also same. A lot of other awards also given to winning teams as well as runner up. 

PSL 2021

Pakistan Super league 2021 | PSL Overview (2016-2021)

According to PCB rules, Karachi Kings will kick-off the PSL 2021 by playing 1st match on 20 February because Kings defeated Lahore Qalandars in a previous edition. PSL 6th edition whole tournament will play in Pakistan recently reported by Energetic Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

PCB selected two cities Lahore and Karachi to host PSL upcoming edition. As we get closer to an event, all information will release by the Pakistan Cricket Board. It confirmed that PSL 6 would be played from 20 February to 22 March 2021.

PSL 6 Schedule did not show up by the PCB yet due to heavy burden on franchise and cricket board. PSL 2021 draft comes out in a few days, and those players will be select who commit to play all matches in Pakistan.

Breaking news was the release that twenty matches would host by Karachi and 14 games of PSL played in Lahore.

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PSL History

First edition of PSL was played in the United Arab Emirates from 4 February to 23 February 2016 between five teams. The final match of PSL played between Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators, and after a formal competition, United won the Pioneer title of PSL by six wickets.

PSL 1st Edition Details
Starts On 4 February
Ends On 23 February
Teams 5
Total Matches 24
Stadiums Sharjah + Dubai Cricket Stadium (UAE)
Top Scorer Umer Akmal
Most Wickets Andre Russell

In the seconded edition of PSL in 2017 Peshawar Zalmi defeats the Quetta Gladiators by 58 runs. The final match of PSL 2nd edition played in Lahore due to struggle of PCB. In the closing ceremony of PSL, Darren Sammy received Man of the match because of his blast inning. Peshawar Zalmi another player Kamran Akmal wins the title “Player of the tournament”.

PSL 2nd Season Details
Kick off 9 February
Ends 5 March
Participants 5
No of Matches 24
Stadiums Sharjah + Dubai Cricket Stadium (UAE) + Lahore
Highest Score Kamran Akmal
Most Wickets Sohail Khan

In the third edition of PSL, one new team “Multan Sultans” added in the tournament and six teams take part in it. Islamabad United won the title of PSL 3 by defeating Zalmi in a final match on 25 March 2018. Playoff and final match of PSL 3 season played in Pakistan cricket stadiums. Luke Ronchi player of United wins two title man of the match and man of the series.

PSL 3rd Round Info
Kick-Start 22 February
Finished 25 March
Contestant 6
No of Matches 34
Venue Sharjah + Dubai Stadium (UAE) + Lahore + Karachi
Highest Score Luke Ronchi
Most Wickets Wahab Riaz + Faheem Ashraf

In the fourth season of PSL, last eight matches of the tournament played in Pakistan including a final game in Karachi cricket stadium. Zalmi lost the final match from Quetta Gladiators on 17 March 2019. Further information related to PSL 4 given in the table below.

PSL 4th Season Complete Details
Starting Date 14 February
Ends 17 March
Team 6
No of Matches 34
Venue Sharjah + Dubai Stadium (UAE) + Lahore + Karachi
Highest Runs Shane Watson
Most Wickets Hassan Ali

In the fifth edition of PSL 2020, all matches will play in different cities of Pakistan. PSL 5th season starts with a grand opening ceremony and 1st match of Gladiators on 20 March 2020. PSL 5 team squad and Schedule will announce shortly by PCB.

PSL 5th Season Complete Details
Starting Date 20 February
Ends 22 March
Team 6
No of Matches 34
Venue Lahore + Karachi + Multan + Rawalpindi Stadium
Highest Runs Baber Azam (473 Runs)
Most Wickets Shaeen Afridi (17 Wickets)

PSL 2021 Records & Stats

PSL Season 6Details
Player of the Season?
Most Runs?
Most Wickets?
No of Sixes?

PSL 2021 News Today

As event date is coming closer, news of 7th team addition in PSL moving around. Some questions arise in the mind of PSL lovers related to the new edition of the league.

Which is the 7th team in PSL 2021?

The PCB chairman has indicated that the seventh team may introduce in the 6th edition of PSL. According to cricket analyst, new team name from these cites Faisalabad, FATA or Rawalpindi. So keep in touch to our site to get the latest news of Pakistan Super League updates.

Now PCB revealed that only six teams will perform in PSL 2021. So, this is the fake news of 7th team edition in PSL.


Pakistan Super League PSL 2021 Cricket Stadium and Venues

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021 is the sixth T20 league organized by PCB in Pakistan. This PSL cricket 2021 Starts on 20 February 2021 and ends on 22 March 2021. There are 6 Participants in this League and 34 matches. Pakistan is the host of all events of this League. PSL 2021 cricket stadium details are listed below.

PSL 2021 Cricket Stadium and Venues

Return chances of International cricket in Pakistan is becoming easier day by day due to hosting PSL matches in Pakistan. PCB had announced all 34 games would play in Pakistan, Karachi had been selected for the opening ceremony and the final will be played in Lahore.

Two Cricket Grounds details

Lahore (Gaddafi Stadium)
Capacity: 27,000
Karachi (National Stadium)
Capacity: 34,228

PSL 2021 Teams:

  • Karachi Kings
  • Multan Sultans
  • Peshawar Zalmi
  • Lahore Qalandars
  • Islamabad United
  • Quetta Galaitors


League Fans are waiting for this League because they give pleasure and excitement to peoples. Pakistan Super League 2021 Draft will hold in January 2021 in Pakistan. In this Draft announcement of players and much other important information is given to fans.

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If I discuss teams, you have to tell which team performs best last year and which Team players need to work harder. I had watched every match of PSL, so I conclude that Peshawar Zalmi played well from the start. You have to answer the best player in this League. PTV Sports is the best channel for the streaming of PSL; you can watch every match on this channel. Pakistani peoples are waiting for February.

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The primary purpose of this article is to give complete information on PSL 2021 cricket stadium and Venues. I tried my best to describe to you quickly about PSL 6 and Venues. If you need any information related to this League, you can contact us. Our Team members are ready to explain to you each and everything in a simple way.

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Factors that are necessary for playing crickets

  • Teams players
  • Umpire
  • Cricket Ball
  • Wickets
  • Cricket Bat
  • Ground

Team’s player

Cricket includes an equal number of players on both sides. The match begins with the toss, winning team have chances to bat first or allow the opponent team. Both Teams includes 11 players in International cricket matches. Both cricket teams player work hard to win the game.


An umpire is the necessary component of entire cricket games. Decisions of umpire include to give out or not out to player according to rules, give reaction to four or six and dismiss the game if there is any condition occur due to which there is difficulty in playing Cricket like rain.

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Cricket Ball

If I will tell you about the cricket ball, its colour is red or white according to the game and made of leather. If you are playing your first match, don’t use a leather ball. I remembered I use the plastic ball in my childhood to play Cricket with my friends. In my college team matches, we played with a tennis ball.

Cricket Wicket

Two sets of three stumps are place on the cricket ground pitch with two sets bails above the wickets. The player should have to guard the wicket against the ball by hitting it. If the ball touches to wickets the bail fall, the player is declared out and go to pavilion.

Cricket Bat

A cricket bat is a piece of wood used to hit ball by a player across the boundary. It is one of the essential factor in playing a match.

Cricket bat size

  • Length 965 mm (38 inches)
  • Width 108 mm (4.25 inches)

Cricket Ground

Cricket match is play in a ground whose length varies but pitch is always 20.12m in length and 3.05m in width.

How to Become a Professional Cricketer?

To become a professional cricketer, the experience of playing cricket matter most. You have to play lots of cricket in the club. If you have not joined any club, you should first enrol your name in a club. Now you have to practice hard and should be selected as a player in states league, minor team and at the end country team. The whole procedure required a lot of hard work and your interest in cricket.

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This article is related to how to play cricket & how to become a professional cricket?. Read this article carefully if you are interested in it. You will get every question answer that is in your mind if you wants to know any further information. You can ask us in the comment section.


PSL 2020: List of Gold category players

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) released the preliminary list of 325 local players who have been assigned Gold, Silver and Emerging categories as well as the list of Gold Category foreign players for the HBL Pakistan Super League Player Draft 2019. The list of 325 local players comprises on all cricketers (the domestic first, second XI squads and U19 cricketers).

Players have been assigned a base category of Gold who have already represented Pakistan at the international level according to this year’s policy. The cut-off date for these records was the same that applied to category renewals of local players that took place last month. The list was reviewed and approved by Nadeem Khan (Coordinator – National Selection Committee) and Imran Ahmad Khan (Head of Player Acquisition & Management PSL).

True to its tradition of promoting young Pakistani talent, at least two emerging cricketers in a squad of 16 are required by teams as an HBL PSL rules. Players need to be U23 as on 1st January 2020 to qualify for this category. Each team can nominate up to two talent hunt discoveries and up to six emerging players.

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No of players, 48 Eng, 40 WI, 19 SL, 10 Ban, six Afg, four each from NZ and Aus 3 each from SA, Ireland and Zimbabwe, and one each from Canada, Scotland, the Netherlands and the USA have registered in the gold category.

List of Gold category (Local Players) are:

Abid Ali, Asad Ali, Adnan Akmal, Awais Zia, Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, Mir Hamza, Bilal Asif, Imran Nazir, Bilawal Bhatti, Ehsan Adil, Fawad Alam, Imran Farhat, Imran Khan Jr, Imran Khan Sr, Usman Sallahuddin, Mohammad Talha,  Khurram Manzoor, Mansoor Amjad, Raza Hasan,  Mukhtar Ahmed, Umar Gul,  Nauman Anwar, Saad Naseem, Sami Aslam, Sharjeel Khan (subject to completion of his rehabilitation) and Zulfiqar Babar.


Pakistan to host two Test match against Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Cricket Board announced to play a test match between Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka in Pakistan after 10 Years. It is glad news for Pakistan fans that thay can watch cricket matches in Pakistan also. Rawalpindi and Karachi decided as a venue for the test matches. Two test matches will be playing between Pak vs. SL. The first Test match starts on 11 December and ends on 15 December at 10:00 am PKT.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) makes assured of security to the Sri Lankan team due to which Sri Lankan team is fully confident and ready to come to Pakistan and play test series with Pakistan.
The last test match hosted in Pakistan is against Sri Lanka in 2009. In this series, the Sri Lankan Team bus was attacked by someone due to which International cricket suspended the cricket series in Pakistan.

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Due to this incident, many Country refuses to come to Pakistan to play cricket but, now again, Pakistan is working hard for coming cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan cricket fans are ready to enjoy this test series, and they are feeling happy. We hope that one day all countries will come to Pakistan to play cricket matches.

Who will win Pak vs SL Test Match Series?
There is two edge point for Pakistani team that one is their home ground pitches and the other is Pakistan youngster is taking part in this series. I hope Pakistan will win this match. But if we look History Sri Lankan defeat 3 T20 matches to Pakistan. So don’t take easy Sri Lankan team Pakistan have to work hard.


Sri Lanka team visit Pakistan for Test Cricket Reinstatement

Pakistan will play two-test series with Sri Lanka in the upcoming December to return test cricket in their homeland. International cricket banned from Pakistan in March 2009 when terrorists attacked Sri Lanka, a cricket team. After this incident, the Pakistan cricket board (PCB) made a lot of effort and finally announced that Pakistan will play two games with Sri Lanka at Rawalpindi and Karachi stadium.

In a press release, they also reported that both teams have to play Test series in October, but due to some reasons, test matches postponed to December 2019. PCB also stated that the schedule confirmed with the Sri Lanka cricket board (SLC) for a visit of Sri Lankan team in Pakistan.

Great news for Pakistan cricket fans that test cricket will returns back to Pakistan after more than a decade. It shows a positive effect globally that Pakistan is safe and secure for international cricket. We are thankful to SLC that they will agree to send their cricket team in Pakistan to contribute in the PCB efforts for International cricket resumption reported by Zakir Khan (PCB Director).

Sri Lanka cricket board also confirmed the tour of the team visit in Pakistan for two-game series. They also reported that their early visit in Pakistan gains a lot of love from cricket fans, and conditions were suitable for cricket. Sri Lanka cricket team visit Pakistan last September to play three ODI and T20I matches against Pakistan.

Test matches schedule:

1st Test match
Teams: Sri Lanka V Pakistan
Date: December 11-15
Venue: Pindi Cricket Stadium

2nd Test Match
Teams: Pakistan V Sri Lanka
Date: December 21-25
Venue: National Stadium Karachi

PSL 2021

PSL 2021 Prize Money Details: $1 Million for PSL Winners

PSL 2021 is the most important upcoming event for not only Pakistan but all around the world’s cricket lovers. Now it is not only a game; it’s a source of income. This cricket gala will provide an opportunity for players to get an enormous reward. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had reveled the PSL 2021 prize money.

PSL 2021 Prize Money:

Pakistan Super League 2021’s winner will take home the $500,000 cash prize while the runners up will receive a cheque of $200,000.

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 In a press release, the league shared that this tournament will carry total prize money of US$1 million, with each player of the match will award $4,500 at the end of each game.

A considerable amount, $80,000 will also be equally distributed to players of the tournament, best bowler, best batsman and for the spirit of cricket award according to the statement.

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The league said in the press release; the remaining amount will be distributed for other match-related awards like best run-out, best catch and most sixes.

Pakistan Super League 2021 will starts from February 20 in Karachi. This tournament will be the biggest cricket tournament with 34 matches to take place in Pakistan after the Asia Cup in 2008.

The tournament held with six teams across four venues:

  • Karachi
  • Lahore

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In the opening match on February 20, 2021, defending champions, Quetta Gladiators will take on former two-time winners Islamabad United in Karachi at the National Stadium.

PSL 2021

How to buy PSL 5 tickets Online? Pakistan Super League 2020 tickets Price

PSL 5th edition will be launched in upcoming days so, be ready to attend this cricket event. Breaking news for PSL lovers especially living in Pakistan that whole T20 tournament of PSL will play in different countries of Pakistan. PSL 5 consists of six teams named according to cities names of Pakistan. Buy PSL 5 tickets as soon as possible because tickets will be sold in a few days. According to the electronic media schedule of PSL 5 will be released soon by PCB.

PSL lovers will buy tickets easily from different websites online. Now, cricket fans do not stand in line to purchase tickets of PSL 2020 in banks. In the previous edition of PSL two sites are sponsored to sell tickets of Pakistan Super League. Maybe these two sites will also PSL 5 tickets this year? You can buy tickets by using ATM card and by hand-cash giving on receiving tickets.


PSL 2020 Tickets categories

Different types of tickets are available on these sites according to location their price is defined. General, VIP and Platinum tickets are available for cricket fans on different prices. Ticket price starts from 250Rs and ends on a higher amount depends on seat quality and location. 

PSL 5 Tickets Karachi

PSL 2020 several matches will be played in Karachi so, book your tickets online because a large number of fans wants to watch PSL match in the stadium. Price and detail of cards listed in online sites.

PSL 2020 Final Match Ticket

Everyone wants to watch the final match of PSL in the stadium, but due to a shortage of seats, a fixed amount of peoples watch the last game in the stadium. So, reserve your seat and enjoy every moment of the match live from the stadium. Price of final match ticket is a little bit high, minimum 1000RS rate for a general ticket.

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Requirements for buying PSL tickets

How to purchase PSL tickets online? You can easily buy PSL 2020 tickets online from websites by fulfil PCB apply to term and conditions. You can buy a maximum of 5 tickets on a single CNIC and on delivery of tickets you have to show your card.

  • PSL 2020 Tickets
  • PSL 5 Ticket Online
  • Buy PSL 2020 Tickets Online
  • PSL 2020 Tickets Booking
  • PSL 2020 Ticket Karachi
  • PSL 5 Ticket Rawalpindi
  • PSL 2020 Tickets Multan
  • PSL Ticket Online Lahore

In this post, we have given you information that how you will purchase or booked tickets of PSL 2020 every match. Get all updates regarding PSL 2020 tickets by commenting on this post.