Afghanistan Players Nabi & Rashid Playing in IPL 2020 – Sharjah

Afghanistan got two brilliant players named od Muhammad Nabi and Rashid Khan, they both play as an all-rounder in the match. They both are good compatriots on the ground and good friends besides the ground. So, when they play together in the match, this brings some charm on the field. Further, Muhammad Nabi added that playing in U.A.E. will add some new experience to his cricket life.

Muhammad Nabi told a media agency that the Afghanistan team played many matches of T20s in Sharjah in their cricket careers. So this playing for CPL in Sharjah will train them more perfectly. When Muhammad Nabi and Rashid khan travel together to U.A.E., it will help them to prepare themselves for the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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Muhammad Nabi revealed that he is playing from the side of St Lucia Zorks while on the other side Rashid Khan is going to be playing from the side of Barbados Tridents in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Muhammad Nabi also revealed that he just continued training and no practicing on the outfield with any bowling or batting. And this brings a long 4-5 months break due to the spread of contagious coronavirus. So he said that he spent this period doing nothing. So he told a media agency that playing after such a break is not that easy as we think. Further playing at first time will be tough as compared to the next matches because then stamina and potential like before will be built.

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Playing without crowds of fans in the stadium is like playing cricket in the Club of Cricket; with shouting crowds of fans, the game became more energetic. Yeah, it will affect players’ playing performance due to such deficiency in the ground.

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So playing in Sharjah for Afghanistan and especially for Muhammad Nabi and Rashid Khan, will be proved full of advantages.

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