How to Play Cricket & Become a Professional Cricketer

Does everyone want to know how to Play Cricket?

Cricket is a type of sport which is play between two teams consist of eleven players and play by bat and ball. Cricket game is played throughout the world but most popular in Asia Countries and invented by England in the 16th century. If you are new in cricket, here I will explain to you in details.

Factors that are necessary for playing crickets

  • Teams players
  • Umpire
  • Cricket Ball
  • Wickets
  • Cricket Bat
  • Ground

Team’s player

Cricket includes an equal number of players on both sides. The match begins with the toss, winning team have chances to bat first or allow the opponent team. Both Teams includes 11 players in International cricket matches. Both cricket teams player work hard to win the game.


An umpire is the necessary component of entire cricket games. Decisions of umpire include to give out or not out to player according to rules, give reaction to four or six and dismiss the game if there is any condition occur due to which there is difficulty in playing Cricket like rain.

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Cricket Ball

If I will tell you about the cricket ball, its colour is red or white according to the game and made of leather. If you are playing your first match, don’t use a leather ball. I remembered I use the plastic ball in my childhood to play Cricket with my friends. In my college team matches, we played with a tennis ball.

Cricket Wicket

Two sets of three stumps are place on the cricket ground pitch with two sets bails above the wickets. The player should have to guard the wicket against the ball by hitting it. If the ball touches to wickets the bail fall, the player is declared out and go to pavilion.

Cricket Bat

A cricket bat is a piece of wood used to hit ball by a player across the boundary. It is one of the essential factor in playing a match.

Cricket bat size

  • Length 965 mm (38 inches)
  • Width 108 mm (4.25 inches)

Cricket Ground

Cricket match is play in a ground whose length varies but pitch is always 20.12m in length and 3.05m in width.

How to Become a Professional Cricketer?

To become a professional cricketer, the experience of playing cricket matter most. You have to play lots of cricket in the club. If you have not joined any club, you should first enrol your name in a club. Now you have to practice hard and should be selected as a player in states league, minor team and at the end country team. The whole procedure required a lot of hard work and your interest in cricket.

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