Who invented Cricket? History of Bat & Ball

Who invented Cricket? History of Bat & Ball

History of Cricket:

Cricket is the second most popular sport after football (soccer). The origin of cricket was from South-East England in the late 16th Century (1597). In the beginning, cricket is known as a children’s game & then it becomes an adult game at the start of the 17th Century. In the 18th Century, cricket became a national sport and then played globally in the 19th & 20th centuries.

Cricket Expands:

England had introduced cricket in North America, West Indies, Australia, South Africa & New Zealand in the 17th & 18th centuries. East India Company has introduced cricket in Hindustan.

International Cricket Begin:

The first international match was played between Canada & the United States (US) in 1844 at St George’s Cricket Club in New York. England professional players made the 1st tour to North America in 1859 & then to Australia in 1862. The origin of the test match in 1877 when England visit Australia & play two games.

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Balls Per Over:

In the beginning, four balls were in an over, and in 1889 the over changed into five balls. In 1900 overturned into six balls and later eight balls in some countries (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & England). But in 2000 it was decided that over will remains six balls.

Who invented the cricket ball?

The ball used in cricket is hard, solid & in red color. In 1977, Kerry Packer had introduced the white ball in a cricket series in Australia. After this tournament, white balls become a part of One-day international matches.

Types of Balls:

Three types of balls are using in International cricket (Kookaburra, Dukes, and SG). West Indies uses Dukes, India uses SG, While other countries use Kookaburra balls in their matches.

Who invented the Cricket bat?

Charles Richardson has introduced the bat shape in 1880 that is used now by players. The bat’s length is 38 inches (in) & the bat’s width is 4.35 in.

Which tree wood used to make cricket bats?

The tree wood which used in the making of bats is Willow.

  • Kashmir Willow
  • English Willow

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What is the length of a cricket pitch?

The pitch length is 22 yards, and it is the rectangular area of ground.

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